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What is the main difference between e-beam processing and the other common modes of irradiation such as gamma irradiation (gamma) and ethylene oxide (ETO) processing?
The e-beam process uses accelerated electrons in a continuous exposure mode; while gamma irradiation uses radioisotope-generated gamma rays in a continuous batch exposure mode. Ethylene oxide is a high humidity, low temperature gaseous process where products are pre-conditioned, exposed and aerated in batches.
What are the main benefits of e-beam over existing irradiation methods?
It is a quick and simple room temperature process which is continuous and reproducible.
It is perfect for small batches of products.
Porous packaging is not required.
There are no residuals in your products and hence no risk of recontamination.
No product quarantine is necessary.
There are fewer material oxidation effects.
E-beam is compatible with most medical plastics.
What is the total processing time of e-beam processing?
The processing time is measured in minutes; whereas for gamma and ETO, this is measured in hours.
How are e-beam irradiated products released?
By dosimetric determination, same as gamma. ETO requires biological parameters or a parametric release.
What is the degree of penetration rate of e-beam?
E-beam penetration is dependent on the density, material thickness and product orientation. ELECTRON BEAM will advise on the best packaging configuration for a product to be successfully irradiated
Will I need to modify my packaging dimensions to suit e-beam treatment?
It depends on the density of the product to be irradiated and your existing carton dimensions. You will need to submit details of the products to ELECTRON BEAM who will advise on the suitability.
What is a typical E-beam workflow like?
Products arrive on a lorry and are unloaded and stored at the NON-STERILE section of the facility.
When products are ready to be irradiated, dosimeters are placed on them and they are loaded onto the product conveyancing system.
Product is exposed to the radiation field by passing under the scanning horn.
Product is unloaded and stored in the STERILE section of the facility.
Monitoring dosimeters are analysed.
Documentation and Processing Records are reviewed and if they are acceptable and Customer specifications are met, the product is released for customer collection.
Where do I start?
Please fill in online or download the ‘PROCESSING REQUEST FORM’ from this website, fill in your particulars and email or fax back to ELECTRON BEAM. Our trained customer service officer will contact you upon assessing your details.
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