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Proven Methodology
Electron beam irradiation or e-beam irradiation is a commercially successful technology for irradiating a variety of disposable medical devices with a wide range of densities. Approximately 50% of all single use medical devices manufactured in the world today are irradiated with ionising energy from either photon or electron sources. E-beam, a proven technology that was introduced over 50 years ago, is routinely used to irradiate very large quantities of disposable medical devices at low cost and high speed.

State-of-the-art Technology E-beam uses ionising energy in the form of accelerated electrons. In ionisation, atomic electrons are removed from molecules (thus damaging the DNA). Such ionisation is lethal to all forms of life when a sufficient dose is absorbed. 25 kGy is a typical irradiation dose.

Avant-garde Control & Conveyancing System for Process Continuity
Programmable logic controllers provide a process continuity procedure which ensures and maintains dose integrity for all products being irradiated. The bespoke product conveyancing system transports products into the irradiation chamber at optimum velocities and even flips cartons over for dual side processing.

High Throughput; Shortest Process Time
The e-beam system used by ELECTRON BEAM delivers irradiation doses in just a few seconds. As a result, the entire irradiation process typically takes minutes rather than the several days usually required by other technologies. The high throughput rates of ELECTRON BEAM‘s e-beam equipment can reduce in-process stocks and are well-suited to a Just-In-Time supply process. This superfast process also allows dose validation to be completed in a short time.

No Chemical Residues, No Handling of Radioactive Isotopes
E-beam technology does not leave chemical residues in the products being irradiated. ELECTRON BEAM’s irradiation sources are electric-powered and therefore do not entail the handling, licensing, shipping, disposal or use of radioactive isotopes. E-beam technology is therefore totally environmentally friendly.

Clean, Safe and Environmentally Friendly
A heavy duty concrete shield which is as thick as 3m effectively prevents radiation from leaving the irradiation chamber. A whole barrage of safety features such as controlled access, fail safe systems, radiation and ozone level monitoring, auto power down sensors etc. ensure that e-beam processing is thoroughly safe.

Less Product Degeneration
In e-beam irradiation, products are exposed to the radiation source for less than 1 minute. This short exposure has the following advantages:-

   - There is less oxidative damage to products
   - Any polymer present undergo less colour change (packaging for example)
   - Polymers are subject to less embrittlement
   - There are substantial improvements in product shelf life and appearance

Other Advantages
E-beam irradiation can operate round the clock 24/7 with minimal downtime. There is no loss in efficiency as the radioactive source is not dependent on any radioisotopes with half-lifes. Radioactivity is switched on or off with a flick of the electric switch.
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